"Lift Me Higher" Release Highlights

Lift Me Higher Receives Outstanding Reviews and Passes 2,000 Streams

The past couple weeks have been an exciting celebration of my latest release, "Lift Me Higher." I have received so many supportive and heart-warming comments from friends, family, and listeners all over the world! I'm happy to share that Lift Me Higher received over 2,000 streams on Spotify in just a couple weeks, and Together Apart also recently passed 10,000 streams! This could not have been accomplished without the help of everyone sharing this song with their friends, families, and social networks, and I couldn't be more thankful. And if you haven't listen to "Lift Me Higher" yet, what are you waiting for?

I'm also so pleased to announce that "Lift Me Higher" earned glowing reviews from Section 36 MusicMusic for the MisfitsEar to the Ground MusicHot Lunch Music, and PopMuzik! It was my first time getting featured on so many music blogs, as well as my first time being reviewed by a blog in another language (PopMuzik is a Swedish blog). I'm forever grateful to these blogs and the people who run them for generously giving their time to help my music reach new listeners, and for choosing to feature me when they receive hundreds (or even thousands) of emails and submissions every day. 

Thank you so much again to everyone who has contributed to the success of this song. Knowing that my music has made even one person's day better makes it all worth it. It's going to be a busy semester at Berklee this fall (via zoom), but I plan on writing and releasing more music in the future, and I'm already excited for what comes next. 


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